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Frequently asked questions

What is the programme all about?

As you may be aware, commercially funded broadband coverage reached around 50% of Suffolk. Beyond this, no commercial case existed for operators to extend superfast broadband beyond 50% into rural areas. Through 2012-2015, we used public funding to extend this 50% to 85%, having completed that first contract ahead of target this September. It was also under budget, and over delivered (105,000 premises). Conscious that stopping at 85% would still leave a digital divide in Suffolk, we committed further funding in late 2014, and were the first county nationally to commit to at least 97% coverage by 2019.

What is the total cost of this project, and public sector investment?
What will the programme deliver?
What is fibre broadband?
Where and when can I get it?
When can I get fibre broadband?
Why can't you tell me if I am going to get fibre broadband now?
How do I get fibre broadband?
How does the programme plan its roll-out?
I live in a rural location. I can't even get a decent broadband speed now. Will I ever get superfast fibre broadband?
Why am I not within the public intervention area?
What if I live on the border area to Suffolk?
Are some areas being prioritised over others?
How do I get involved?
Can I speed up the roll-out in my area by gathering registrations of demand?
When fibre broadband becomes available in my area, will my broadband simply get faster without me taking any action?
What does fibre broadband cost?
How long does it take to be installed after I place an order and what does installation involve?
What is 'cloud computing'?
Why is roll-out being prioritised in Enterprise Zones and Local Growth Zones?
BT has won the contract – does that mean I have to use them as my internet service provider?
What are you doing to ensure rural areas and businesses are supported?
My mobile phone signal is poor, will this project help?
I have noticed some development on the cables serving public buildings, is this part of the Suffolk Better Broadband Programme?