Why upgrade?

The latest figures show that across Suffolk the customer take-up rate for Superfast Broadband is now at 60% - this is good news and one of the highest rates in the country, but we want this rate to be even higher. There is so much that Superfast Broadband can do to transform your home or business:  


Superfast broadband at home


At home you can:

  • Watch catch-up and smart TV without interruption and download movies and music in minutes
  • Do research and homework online
  • Browse the Internet - shop online more easily
  • Keep in touch with friends and family using Skype or other online communications
  • Explore opportunities for life-long learning
  • Access all these services at the same time using different devices in your home

Superfast broadband at work


Your business can:

  • Provide a more reliable and competitive service, no matter how many users are online at the same time
  • Communicate more easily with customers and clients online - improve customer service and open the door to doing more business overseas
  • Download and upload large files quickly and easily
  • Improve work-life balance and enables employees to work from home and access company systems remotely, saving costs and reducing carbon footprints


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